Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result: Get Result Today of Sthree Lottery

Check the Sthree Sakthi lottery result today! The weekly draw is played on every Tuesday. It has replaced the Dhanshree lottery which was previously played on Tuesday. From 2016, Kerala state lottery department replaced the Dhanshree lottery scheme with a new Sthree Sakthi lottery draw. Sthree Sakthi lottery draw is a part of the larger scheme known as Sthree Sakthi. Sthree sakthi Lottery result published on or after 3:30 pm on every tuesday. This general scheme is aimed at developing women welfare in the state. The revenue earned from this draw is entirely used for the purpose of women empowerment.

Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result

This post shows how to check sthree sakthi lottery result today. If you have missed checking the result of the draw played 10 days back, you can still check it. We have shared the complete online procedure to check the results of old and latest draws. The draw is the most pricey with the ticket price of Rs. 50/-. The first prize amount is Rs. 1 crore. Hence, a lot of people are finding this draw attractive. All the income generated from the sale of the tickets are contributed to the Sthree Sakthi scheme.

Online Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result

Here is how you should check the Sthree Sakthi lottery result online.

Follow the below link:

Click the option of ‘lottery result’ from the menu bar. A window with a list of all the Kerala state lottery will appear. Give a click on ‘sthree sakthi lottery result’. You will see a list of the winning numbers in a PDF format. Compare your lottery ticket number with the winning numbers given in the result. If you find your number, do not forget to verify it with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette. Results are also published in other dailies but it is advisable to check in the Gazette.

To check the old results of the draws played 10 days back, follow the link from the above link. Below the list of all the weekly lotteries, you will find an option saying ‘click here for the old results’. Click the option and reach a new page. Double-click the name of the lottery scheme i.e. Sthree sakthi lottery. Now you can scroll up or down to check the results of all the draws. Just check the draw number on your lottery ticket and click on that number.

Prize Structure for Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result

Do you want to know what prize you can win with this draw? This weekly lottery carries an excellent prize of Rs. 1 crore. Here is how the prize structure goes:

  • Consolation prize – Four lucky numbers get a reward of Rs. 10,000/-
  • First prize – Rs. 1 crore
  • Second prize – Rs. 50 lakhs
  • Third prize – Rs. 1 lakh
  • Fourth prize – Rs. 10,000
  • Fifth prize – Rs. 5000/-
  • Sixth prize – Rs. 1000/-

Sthree Sakthi lottery result is carrying one of the most lucrative prize structure. Hence, it is very popular with those who are very active lottery players.

If you have won and want to claim the prize, do surrender the lottery ticket within 30 days. Besides ticket, you will have to submit the claim form, affidavit, and photographs. The claim form to claim the prize amount is available to download from You will also find the format of the affidavit and the claim procedure.

Kerala State Lottery Draw Procedure

Kerala state lotteries are very famous for their transparent draw procedure. The complete draw procedure follows a very clear mechanism. The venue is declared in advance so that the public can participate to witness the live draw. Several prize numbers are drawn within the slots in the draw machine. The draw is played using a mechanical draw machine. Due to the modernisation of the draw procedure, higher numbers of smaller denominations are drawn in within a short time period.

Visit us on every Wednesday to check live Sthree Sakthi lottery result. The results will be live maximum by 4 PM. If you are buying tickets of other schemes, you can still check the winning numbers from our blog Other state lottery results are also updated regularly on our blog. Check Mizoram and Punjab state lottery results.

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