Mizoram State Lottery: How to Check Mizoram Lottery Results

Mizoram State Lottery Result

Are you looking to check Mizoram state lottery result online? We are providing all information and ways of ending your wait for results of Mizoram lottery. You just need to follow the link to know the results. The results are updated daily on the official site of the state lottery sites. India is not exactly a gambling friendly place but lottery is still very popular among masses. Many states are having state run lotteries. The online lottery results allow people to check the results from the offices and homes using the internet. The results are also published in the official Gazette and other publications. You will also find the results in the local newspapers and in other popular mass media like television and radio channels. Mizoram is one of the states of Northeast India, with Aizawl as its capital city.

Not everyone is familiar with the official page to know the Mizoram state lottery results. Hence, we are helping users to check the results at the appropriate page. We have also provided instructions to check your results at the given link. Make sure that you are carrying the ticket no. with you. The results shown at the site will be listing all the winning numbers. The list of the winning ticket numbers in the draw is published here. Compare the ticket numbers listed here with your ticket number. Your number will be shown in the list only if it is included in the prize winning numbers. If you do not find your number here, better luck next time!You just need to follow below steps for check Mizoram lottery results online .

Mizoram State Lottery Result

How to Check Online Mizoram State Lotteries

Today Lottery Result

The results are separately shown for the morning draw and the evening draws. Click the below link to check Mizoram lottery result online.

Users wanting to check the latest results can check their lottery ticket number in the today lottery result page. To avoid any confusion, do preserve your lottery ticket and keep it ready with you. While you check your Mizoram state lottery result, check the time and date printed on the ticket. Click on download button to download the result in the pdf format. Alternatively, you may also download the DBF format.

Mizoram state lottery

The result of the Mizoram state lottery will clearly indicate the following details:

  • Name and date of the draw
  • Winners of the 1st to 5th Prize
  • Consolation prize amount
  • Prize amount for each of the five prizes
  • All the winning numbers under the 6th prize category for Rs. 250 prize

Compare your lottery ticket number and date with the details on the result page.

Old Mizoram Lottery Results

For those who have missed to check the results on the same day, here is the link to check the old results.

Follow the given link and click the calendar icon. You can select the date of the draw for which you want to check the result. The daily draw results of Mizoram state lottery are declared on the very next day.

How to Claim Prize of Mizoram Lottery

All the draws of Mizoram lottery are held at the draw hall of the Department at Aizawl on the date and time indicated on the ticket. If you are a lucky winner of the Mizoram lottery, you can claim the prize money with this simple process (above Rs. 5000).

  1. Click here to download the claim form
  2. Fill up the form to claim the prize money. Fill up the form with name of the winner, full postal address, lottery ticket number, name of the lottery and draw date.
  3. The form should be enclosed with following supporting documents:
  • The original prize winning ticket.
  • One photocopy of the ticket with an attestation of a Gazetted officer.
  • Three passport sized photos of the winner.
  • An affidavit of ownership of the ticket from any 1st class magistrate.
  • Send all the above documents with claim form to the Director, Institutional Finance & State Lottery.


  1. The prize for the amounts below Rs. 5000 can be directly claimed from the selling agent or the distributor.
  2. Prizes should be claimed within 45 days from the draw date.

Lottery is a modern form of gambling. Though banned in India, it is run only by the state governments. Any private party, firm or individual is not allowed to conduct lottery. It is possible only on prior permission from the government. Lottery is illegal in many states of India. However, Mizoram is among the states where lottery is conducted only by the state or its appointed agents. The revenue generated from the lotteries are generally used by state for public welfare. Kerala, Sikkim, Nagaland state lottey , Maharashtra, Goa, and Mizoram state lottery are the major states where state-run lottery draws are conducted.

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