Kerala Lottery Results: How to Check Kerala State Lottery Result Today?

Kerala Lottery Results

Get a chance to win Kerala Lottery Results! That’s what we assume when we buy lottery tickets. Many of you must have bought the tickets but may not be clear about checking your results….Right? And some of you must be thinking to buy. So this article will guide you with the steps to know your Kerala Lottery Results online and also will help you to know how to claim the prizes of your lottery results.Here we are providing kerala lottery result for those people who are taking part in the kerala state lottery result draws.

Well government in some states helping the common people to become rich by implementing this state wise lotteries. Lotteries in the state of Kerala came in to existence by the government of Kerala in the year 1967 with an objective to develop employment opportunities and thereby boosting the government finance without disturbing the public. Also check newly launch Lucky grahak yojana scheme and Digi dhan vyapar yojana at our website.

Kerala Lottery Results

These lotteries mainly categorized into 7 types or can be stated as 7 weekly lotteries such as Winwin (MONDAY), Dhanashree(TUESDAY), Akshaya(WEDNESDAY), Pratheeksha/Karunya Plus(THURSDAY), Bhagyanidhi(FRIDAY),  Karunya(SATURDAY) and Pornami(SUNDAY). Other than these lotteries there are bumper tickets too such as Vishnu Bumper, Summer Bumper, X-Mas Bumper, Monsoon Bumper, Thriuvonam Bumper and Pooja Bumper. Thus Lotteries are the emerging trend in Kerala as people of Kerala strongly believe in themselves and they crave to become a millionaire. Now we shall discuss about how to check Kerala Lottery tickets online. Follow the below given steps to check your results.

How to Check Kerala Lottery Results

Click on the link mentioned below

You can click on any of the above mentioned link this is the official website of the Kerala to check Kerala Lottery Results online. Well other source of checking is newspapers which releases in Kerala every next day, you can check your lottery results from there as well. Also you can check your results in “government Gazette” which is published by government of Kerala.

Kerala State Lottery Result

So these are some ways of checking you Kerala Lottery Results. After you check your result the next step is to claim for the Prizes. Before you do that make sure you must had properly checked your results in gazette or online or in newspaper. We shall now help you with steps to claim lottery.

Claiming of the Winning Lottery

To claim the Kerala lottery you are given 30 days to submit your ticket and claim for the prizes. If you’re unable to claim the prize or prize money within such 30 days then it will become the property of government and if there is any genuine reasons for delaying the tickets then tickets of those can be forgiven up to 90 days by the District Lottery Officer, up to 180 days by the Director and up to one year by the government.

Those who had won prize up to Rs 1 lakh then he has to submit the ticket to District Lottery Officer and those who had won above 1 lakh but below 2 lakh then they has to submit their report to  Deputy Director. While submitting your tickets you need to carry some required documents which can be explained as under.

  1. Write a letter requesting for claiming
  2. Attach your recent passport size photographs
  3. Attest the photocopies on both side of winning tickets
  4. Attest your Identity Proof and Address Proof which can be you Aadhaar Card/Passport/License or any such document
  5. Download the form of receipt and stamped it

In addition if you are submitting your tickets to your nearest co-operative banks or District Officer then you need to fill up an additional form. Hope you must be cleared with the above given information regarding claiming of your Kerala Lottery Results. Follow our step so that you can able to claim for your tickets successfully or visit our website


As per the rule of Kerala Lottery results those person who had win more than 10,000 have to pay 30% of income tax to the central Government and also 10% additional commission is to paid  if you are the top winners. While this percentages will varies with lotteries.

Thus government is taking huge steps to make a rich India and there are some people whose income comes from these lotteries. Kerala is not the only state who runs this Lottery business there are many other states such as Nagaland lottery result online, Goa, Punjab state, Sikkim and Mizoram lottery today result State. So use our website to get information about the latest updates of your Kerala Lottery Results as well as results of other state. And if you come up with any doubts do share your feedback with us we will get back to you with a quality solution.

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