Karunya Lottery Result: How to Claim Karunya Lottery Today

Karunya Lottery Result

Are you looking to check Karunya lottery result? Stay with us and know if have hit the jackpot with this draw. The draw is played on every Saturday and promises a prize of Rs. 1 crore to the first winner. Follow the instructions shared here and use the links given. You will be viewing the list of all the winning numbers in a few seconds. Check your ticket no. carefully and also compare the results published in the Kerala Gazzette. The lucky winners will also get information about claiming the prize of this weekly lottery.

Karunya lottery result scheme is currently the most reputed lottery of the all the Kerala state lotteries.The kerala Government Conducting this Karunya Lottery result every saturday. Karunya is everyone’s favourite for the tempting prize it carries. It is also famous for its philanthropic cause. The profit generated from the Karunya lotteries are used for the medical treatments. Patients suffering from the life-threatening diseases like cancer, tumour, and heart ailments are benefitted greatly. They get treatment from the funds of Karunya Benevolent Fund Organization. You can also check Mizoram lottery results with us.

Karunya Lottery Result

How to Check Karunya Lottery Result Online

Follow the below instructions and the links to check latest and old Karunya lottery result. To check the Kerala lottery result today for Karunya draw click the below link and search for your ticket number.

Karunya Lottery Result Today

Follow the above links and view the results. Select the Karunya draw from the list of all the schemes. You will be soon viewing the list of the lucky numbers for all the prizes. If you are checking the results of the previous draws, use the above related link and double-click ‘Karunya’ in the list of the draws. Or just enter your ticket number in the search box.

About Karunya Lottery

The fascinating prize structure lures many to buy Karunya lottery ticket. The scheme is also highly favoured due to its social cause. The funds generated from this scheme are used in the medical treatments of the poor. For more information, you can write to karunyabf@gmail.com or just get in touch with your nearby district lottery office.

The financially under-privileged people with acute diseases get assistance for treatment from the Karunya benevolent fund. Many private hospitals are also given grants from this Karunya for free or cost-effective treatment of the poor.

Karunya Lottery Results

How to Claim Karunya Lottery Prize

The lucky one can claim the Karunya lottery result prize by surrendering the lottery ticket within 30 days. Prize up to Rs. 1 lakh can be claimed from the office of the District Lottery. Prizes above Rs. 1 lakh should be claimed from Director of State Lotteries.

Affix the signature, address, and the name of the winner on the back of the ticket. Following are the documents to accompany the lottery ticket:

  1. Claim application with Xerox copies of the front and back of the lottery ticket.
  2. Two passport size photos of the winner. Should be having an attestation of the Gazetted officer or a notary.
  3. Receipt of the prize money with a revenue stamp of Rs. 1/-
  4. Self-attested copy of the PAN card.

The formats of the above documents are available on the official website keralalotteries.com.

As the money earned through lottery attract income tax, 30% of the prize amount will be deducted. No other surcharge or cess is applicable on the lottery prize amount. There is another way to claim the prizes. You can claim through any co-operative and nationalized bank. Submit the ticket with documents to the bank. After few formalities, you will get Karunya lottery result amount from the bank.

Lotteries have turned many fortune-seekers to millionaires. If you are a lottery ticket buyer, the Karunya ticket is worth trying. We are sure you are now familiar with online Karunya lottery result. We are an independent guiding portal for Kerala state lotteries. Players can check their results here for all the weekly lotteries. The major ones are Karunya, Karunya plus, Akshaya, and Dhanshree. Players belonging to other states may navigate our blog for respective lottery results. The prominent state lottery results are updated on our blog. Check Sikkim lotteries, Kerala lottery results and Nagaland lottery result.

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