Dhanasree Lottery Result: Know Everything About Dhanasree Lottery

The Dhanasree Lottery Result is a  Kerala state lotteries  government gambling  held on Tuesday each week. The Dhanasree Lottery is a part of the several lotteries conducted by Kerala government for a prize money ranging  from 75 lakhs to a small amount of Rs 100. Get your name in the list of top 8 winners and get the opportunity to win money.

It costs 40 rupees and it provides huge prize money of 75 lakhs for the first prize. This lottery has a second prize of rupees 10 lakhs. The third prize amount to 1 lakh. Not everyone might be knowing about the Kerala lotteries, let us understand!

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Kerala Lotteries: History

Kerala Lottery started in 1967 by the Kerala government. This lottery program is systematically governed by the government with strict rules and regulations. For just a rough idea, there are about 35,000 agents and 1,00,000 retail sellers who earn their bread through these lottery tickets. The idea of lottery was thought by late Finance Minister P.K Kunju Sahib. This idea was brought to action with an aim to increase employment in Kerala.

The lottery department came up as the largest lottery department in India and is working successfully. The dhanasree Lottery Result can be compared to the Win Win and Pournami lottery tickets.  Lottery is a major source of non-taxable income in Kerala and is a stable income for the common man. It was setup on 1st November, 1967. While, the first lottery ticket was released 2 months later after its setup.

The first director of the department was Shri P.K Seydu Mohammad. The cost of the first ticket was Re. 1,with a prize money of Rs 50,000. The first draw occurred after two and a half months later on 26th January, 1968.

Many other states like Punjab, Goa, Sikkim have adopted the lottery concept. Kerala was a role model that established this unique concept. There are several types of lottery draws that are released every day. There are 7 weekly lotteries and 6  bumper lotteries, we bring to you the list:


Weekly Lottery Day Prize
Win Win Monday 50 lakhs
Sthree Sakthi/Dhanasree Tuesday 65 lakhs
Akshaya Wednesday 25 lakhs
Pratheeksha Thursday 75 lakhs
Nirmabhayanidhi Friday 40 lakhs
Karunya Saturday 1 crore
Pournami Sunday 51 lakhs


Bumper Lottery Month Prizes
Vishu May 2,00,00,000
Pooja November 2,00,00,000
Monsoon July 2,00,00,000
Thiruvonam September 5,00,00,000
X-mas New Year January 2,00,00,000
Summer March 2,00,00,000   

The above lotteries are systematically managed by the Kerala government. A person is free to buy one or more than one lottery or even opt for bumper lotteries. The bumper lotteries are obtained during a specific month. Winning a lottery is not an easy job, getting the lucky numbers needs immense patience and a good fate.

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Kerala Lotteries: The Process Involved

Kerala conducts 7 weekly lottery, 6 bumper lotteries taking place in 14 districts in Kerala. The Kerala government is responsible for the printing and distribution of the lottery tickets.  Designing of the lottery ticket is done by a professional panel of artist under the supervision of the Director.

The total number of tickets to be released and the change in the series of the lottery numbers are conducted by the Director. The rate of the weekly lottery tickets ranges between Rs 20-50, while the bumper tickets cost Rs 100 and Rs 200.

Dhanasree Lottery Result Prize Money

The results for the Dhanasree DS-235 lottery took place on 3/5/2016, i.e. Tuesday. The announcements for this Dhanasree lottery ticket took place at 3:30. Also, get live dhanasree lottery result at 4 p.m on the official Kerala lottery site. The structure of the prize money for the top 8 winners are listed below:

1st Winner:  Rs 75,00,000/-

Consolidation Prize: Rs 10,000/-

2nd Winner: Rs 10,00,000/-

3rd Winner: Rs 100,000/-

4th Winner: Rs 10,000/-

5th Winner: Rs 5,000/-

6th Winner: Rs 1,000/-

7th Winner: Rs 500/-

8th Winner: Rs 100/-

Claim your Dhanasree Lottery Result Amount

When the results are out, kindly check if your number matches the winning numbers. If you are lucky enough to get listed in any of the top 8 winners. Dhanasree Lottery Result can be obtained on the official Kerala Gazatte. Submit your lottery ticket within 30 days to avail your winning amount. Lottery result will announced soon.Along with it, also provide your documents that prove your identity.

Dhanasree Lottery Result: How to Avail your Winning Amount

It is very important to know whom and where to go for your lottery amount. If your lottery number matches the winning numbers, submit the winning lottery ticket within 30 days of the draw date with all required documents.

The documents include 2 passport size photographs, self attested photostat copy of the winning lottery ticket, a self attested receipt with a Re 1/- stamp. As a part of your Identity proof carry a PAN card, election card, ration card, driving license, passport. If a minor wins the lottery, a guardianship certificate is necessary.

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Those winning above 1 Lakh, need to surrender their ticket to the director of state lotteries after writing your name, address and a signature at the back of the lottery ticket. Also, a decided percentage of tax will be subtracted from the total amount, this amount will directly be deposited in the Central government account. The agents will also take their share of commission. Till date, no surcharge or educational cess will be deducted.

For the lucky ones wining more than 1 lakh and upto 20 lakhs,  the winning amount will be passed by the Deputy Directorate. Prize money above 20 lakhs will be passed by the Director of the kerala lotteries.The result of kerala lottery is announced. It’s time to use your money in a qualitative way!


The Dhanasree Lottery Result can make you wealthy in just minutes. There are many people in Kerala who have become rich with these lotteries. The Kerala government manages and take necessary measurements to enhance this concept.

This is an innovative way to provide employment without disturbing the public by implementing tax. The Dhanasree Lottery Result are announced every Tuesday, buy one and check your luck.


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