How to Check Bhagyanidhi Lottery Result Today Online?

Bhagyanidhi Lottery Result Today

Bhagyanidhi lottery result is live and you can check it from here. The draw is held on every Friday and the results are published online. This information is all about checking your weekly Kerala lotteries online. The results are also published in the Kerala Gazette and other leading newspapers of the state. Bhagyanidhi is among the oldest weekly draws played in Kerala. Lottery players can also check results of Pournami lottery and Win Win draws.

Kerala lotteries are the most famous lottery system among all the lottery playing states in India. The weekly lotteries are extremely popular among the masses. A chance to win millions with a reasonably priced ticket is everyone’s dreams.This Bhagyanidhi Lottery Result published after 3:00pm on every Friday.This post shows you how to check your Bhagyanidhi lottery result online. You will learn how to check the winning numbers of the latest draw.

Bhagyanidhi lottery result

Moreover, we have also shared information on checking the results of the draws played 10 days back. The seven Kerala state lotteries are played from Monday to Sunday. The draw systems are very transparent and are open for public. The revenue generated from the Bhagyanidhi is also used for the state welfare purpose. The ticket of this draw costs Rs. 30 and the first prize amounts to Rs. 65 lakhs.

How to Check Bhagyanidhi Lottery Result

We will let you check the Bhagyanidhi lottery result right on the official website only. Hence, be sure of the authenticity of the results. To avoid any error, we also recommend you to compare the list of the winning numbers with the list published in the Kerala Gazette.

Here is a link to reach the official website:

Follow the view button beside the Bhagyanidhi lottery from the list.

A PDF will appear on the screen with all the winning numbers of the latest draw of the Bhagyanidhi lottery result. The result will show the numbers who have won 1st to the 5th prize. The lucky numbers which have won the consolation prizes are also displayed.

Bhagyanidhi lottery result today

Bhagyanidhi Old Results

To know the results of the draw played 10 days ago, follow official website.

Select the option ‘Bhagyanidhi’ and double-click it. Now you will see a list of all the draws of Bhagyanidhi lottery result in a new window. Check the draw number or the series number on your lottery ticket. Click the ‘view’ button against your draw number to see the results on the screen. You can print out or save the results shown in the PDF format. Now search for your lottery ticket number in the winning numbers. If you find your number in the list, do verify it with the list of Kerala Gazette. After verifying, you may proceed with to claim your prize amount.

Bhagyanidhi Lottery Prize Amount

The prize structure of the draw is as under. The prize amount can be claimed by surrendering the ticket to the Director or State Lottery Department.

First Prize – Rs. 65 lakhs

Second Prize – Rs. 5 lakhs

Third prize – Rs. 10,000/-

Fourth prize- Rs. 5000/-

Fifth prize – Rs. 2000/-

Sixth prize – Rs. 1000/-

Nine lucky numbers also get the reward of Rs. 10,000/- as a consolation prize.

Kerala state lottery is a gateway to earning millions at once for thousands of Keralites. People are making good fortune by buying tickets. The tickets just cost from Rs. 30 to Rs. 50. A very reasonable amount for a golden chance of winning lakhs!

Bhagyanidhi lottery result will be available and updated after every weekly draw played on Friday. Online results are very simple and you can check from anywhere you are. If you have won the prize, make sure to claim it within 30 days. To check the venue of the next draw of Bhagyanidhi, you can see the result of the latest draw. The page will show the venue of the next draw at the bottom of the page. The Kerala state lottery draws are played in public view and open for everyone to participate. Stay with us to know results of win win lottery. The results will be available once the Kerala lottery result today are live at the official website.

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